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Ban, demonise, subvert: Israel’s ‘second front’ strategy

This seems particularly relevant in the wake of the bizarre manouevres in UK House Of Commons. Epic feats of contortionism merely to avoid being seen to condemn Israel’s self-evident Genocide. The actual votes take place today, 22 Feb, and I assume that Labour MPs will be whipped into supporting their Party’s amendment to the SNP motion. The former includes obligatory wording about ‘terrorism of Hamas’ so it is wishy-washy bullshit* that will appease Queef Ratshit’s puppet-masters.

  • (to use the unparliamentary term)

hi @KarenEliot , here’s Cook on this anti-democratic crap from Hoyle and Schtarmer:

and Oborne:



Thanks CJ, Jonathan Cooke was on my ridiculously long to-read list, now read, and the DDN news video I will watch tonight. I guess both have been bumped a little by Rishi Sunaks’ bizarre speech to the nation on Friday evening (1st March).

He quotes Diane Abbott as tweeting that this is the beginning of a police state (from memory) but her timeline and mine seem wildly out-of-synch. Looks more like finishing touches to me: agree with us or shut up. Protest against us and we will pretend to feel threatened, the ‘Jewish community’ (0.5% of the UK population iirc) via the usual Twitter shrinking violets (Baddiel, Rachel Riley, Eddie Marsen etc) and ‘democracy’ by citing emails from constituents/activists (real or imagined) that necessitate their having bodyguards wherever they go.

People will be prosecuted for patches on their clothes, for distributing stickers, and soon enough for looking at Queef Starmer funny. (Failing to bow?)

When Biden did this in Philly, months ago, they at least got the mise en scene right: red lights, marines standing to attention, the usual pointing of fingers and threats.