Backbone: One Man's Stand Against Mandates & the People Supporting Him (Inspirational!)

Evening folks,

Really inspirational and uplifting video made by Polly St George:

Well, there you go - not that difficult is it!


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The power of Jesus, plus military ‘service’ - overseas, in the criminal wars of the Western empire, of course; where else these days? Hmm…

Strange bedfellows with whom I find myself associating these days. Yet I’m entirely with them. Truly, the old left-right thing has been eclipsed by something more urgent. This uprising of the freedom fighters has to be pushed every way possible. A common front for all who are still in possession of their common senses, regardless of their political preference.

The weirdness is even more grotesque when you see allegedly hyper-left places like WSWS screeching for all the affronts to freedom - and to objective truth itself - to be redoubled “to defeat the pandemic.” What effing pandemic? This alleged one which has such great difficulty jacking up at all noticeably the all-causes death rate above the five-year average - except with the poison-stabs, of course?

Crikey, the power of lying-propaganda-induced mass psychopathy! Utter, utter suckers-on-steroids everywhere you look. (Poor buggers! I shouldn’t slag them just for being highly hypnotisable, simply as a matter of genetic happenstance. Understanding sympathy is more appropriate - if I can manage it…) I’m with the Canuck patriots! :upside_down_face: