Astonishing story! Martenson and Kory in conversation in June '21. The C-story was already clear then!

This video was put out in Summer last year, and was censored subsequently, so that - at the end - Chris has to alert you how to get round the fart-chuckers’ malignant idiocies and see the whole thing despite them.

Nevertheless, courtesy of a headsup from the covi-scam sceptics at ‘The Duran’, you can still see the Part 1 video on YT (! censors just not on top of their criminal job, I suppose). That’s how I ran across it.

Pierre tells Chris about how he was advocating EARLY!! treatment with big-enough doses of C given intravenously, with staggering success rates - and how it was resisted and disappeared by the gocos (Guardians Of Current Orthodoxy), as is so wearingly usual.

Do watch the whole vid, as it’s all very pertinent, even though there’s about 20 minutes at the beginning which is more stage-setting for the main story.

One vital point that I need to add to the information that Pierre encapsulates so lucidly: Andrew Saul at ‘’ gets round the ‘expensive pee’ canard very effectively, using an approach which cures the problem of intravenous versus by-mouth treatment. It IS true that the C treatment is more effective via the intravenous rather than the gut route, because large doses can be given swiftly through drips, without the usual waste that occurs if LARGE doses are taken by mouth. True, when you do it by mouth, the excess, beyond what the immune system can use at that moment will be peed out. This could be a problem when you can’t find a clued-up and properly Hippocratic doctor to give you intravenous C.


If you follow the Saul method, you evade that drawback. It’s simple. This is what we do:


My practice, keeping myself unfailingly clear of cold/flu illnesses completely for going on thirty years now, is to begin big-dose treatment the moment I get the first highly-familiar early-warning symptomettes, that everyone knows, that a cold or a flu is having a go at me.

I go from my normal two-grams-a-day of slow-release tablets, one AM, one before sleep, to at least (sic!) 30 grams of powdered C, in a jug of water.

This is then quaffed over the first 24 hours in divided doses. This is the key trick to avoid ‘expensive pee’: Don’t flood your busy immune system with more C-per-minute than it can handle by taking a huge dose all at one go; instead, take just a mouthful from the jug every half hour, right round the clock as far as you can manage that. Give your system the steady moderate feed of C which is most useful to it when it’s dealing with a crisis situation.

Quaff the whole 30 grams over the course of the first day. Rarely, you may need a second or third day repeating the process. My invariable experience up until the advent of the covid flu, was that all symptoms are gone completely by the second day. Then I go back to my two-grams-a-day prophylactic discipline. With covid, it took three days, with a total of almost a hundred grams of powdered C in water taken over that period. I was 79 at the time, somewhat geriatrically frail, yet the whole episode amounted to less than a mild cold; just a bit under the weather, and taking it easy. Not even in bed most of the time, but doing mild household chore stuff. For home treatment, remember that a heaped teaspoonful of powder is about five grams. Hyper-precision isn’t necessary with C.

Note that there is no known lethal dose with C. Cases are known of people taking over a hundred grams in a day, and showing zero ill effects (apart from expensive pee). If your stomach feels a bit unwilling to take the slightly acid-tasting ascorbic acid powder, switch to the virtually tasteless and very stomach-easy sodium ascorbate form, also a crystalline powder soluble in water. This is one slight side effect. There is another:

Very very rarely, people may find that they have a genetic glitch which causes them to suffer haemochromatosis if they take large doses of C. This causes an excess of iron in the system, and requires careful handling. Again, '’s search function will take you to articles telling how to handle this rare complication. The C-cure can still be done.

The essence of this story has been known since the middle of last century, when C was demonstrated - by the usual maverick, properly-Hippocratic doctor - to be amazingly effective against polio - before the Salk ‘vaccine’ bandwaggon began to juggernaut. Andrew has this story too. Since that pioneering time, C has been consistently ignored, when it isn’t being aggressively rubbished by bigotoramuses; mainly, I suspect, because it’s unpatentable, dirt-cheap, and universally available. The Pharma gangsters can’t have people knowing about stuff that actually gets them better! :scream: when huge profits are at stake. So the ‘rubbish C’ delusion is carefully inserted into doctors’ minds during the course of their Pharma-captured training period. Most of them will tell you, with the authoritative confidence of the truly ignorant indoctrinee, that it’s useless, except in minute daily doses, to prevent frank scurvy. The whole of the rest of its astonishing story is simply off their radar entirely. Another of the many nonsenses in Pharma-distorted allopathic Western medicine that needs to be swept away, if we’re ever going to get back to honest doctoring, properly focused on sound, strictly non-commercial public-health policies…


Really helpful, thank you, RG

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Thanks for this info Rhis, I take two effervescent vitamin C tabs a day, 1000 mg each, so that’s two grams. I’m going to try your mass dosing in the future if I feel a cold coming on, but I’ve got to get the Vitamin C.

In France by the way Vitamin D is prescription only, and so first you have to go to the doctor, convince them to give you a ‘prescription’ for the independent lab, then go to the lab for a blood test, then go back to the doctor for the prescription for the Vitamin D. So I haven’t been tested yet.

I went to my doctor on Friday, he poo pooed both Vitamin C and D for colds etc, I said I wanted an antibody test because I had covid in December and he said why and I said so I could get the ‘passe sanitaire’ and he said that wouldn’t qualify me and asked me if I was vaxxed and I said no he asks if I was afraid and I said no and he asks so why and I said it’s none of his business and he says if I don’t have confidence in him maybe I should get another doc and I said ‘yes, I you’re right I should’, so I left quite happy cause I didn’t like him, young in his 30’s doesn’t even trim his fingernails, a complete covidiot.

anyway, thanks again for the vitamin C info

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Everyman, that’s a bit of a bugger about D availability in la France. Ridiculous!

What I do is buy those cheapo one-a-day multivit canisters on sale in supermarkets, and take two - not one - one at either end of the day. This simply to ensure that I have at least a minimum stash of D on board (not just on my boat, but actually in my body-system).

My best-beloved, who’s a veteran acupuncturist and general alt-medicine professional practitioner, also supplied me recently with a fully-organic under-the-tongue spray pen of D3, specifically, of which I take two shots per day. And, though frail and tottering by now, my constitution is still protected by right diet and right exercise, as a matter of long habit.

But for D, there’s another strategy that you can use. Even now, here in wintry Britain, there’s a fair amount of sunshine most days. Being ‘retired’ and therefore master of my own schedule, I watch for such times, and go and sit out in the adjacent field, facing the Sun for twenty minutes or so at a time, as often as I can. I’m bundled up against the chill, and usually do such sessions after I’ve sawn up my day’s supply of stove-wood, so I can stay warm. So, I can only expose my face and hands. But being a Causasian, even that bit of exposure to the Sun on my white skin gives a worthwhile shot of skin-made D.

Taken altogether, these things seem to keep up my on-board D stash. If the ridiculous scamdemic has taught us one thing, it’s that D is as important as C in staying proof against a really nasty bout of the covid-flu, even when the pathogen (whatever it is) does visit you. And meanwhile, thinking of the ‘pathogen’ as actually being a benign and useful messenger-exosome, as per Dr. Zach Bush’s ideas (qv!), getting a dose of covid means that you can acquire the entirely useful effect that it offers to your immune-system library, of long-term natural immunisation, WITHOUT getting ill.

I’ve proceeded on this assumption since the first launching of the scam, and I now consider myself to be naturally long-term immunised, and free to go about unmasked (not that masks are any real protection) promiscuously amongst all and sundry, having no more panic about covid than I ever do about any other respiratory ill.

‘Good luck go with me, no hubris intended’ as one of my personal lifespells puts it, but this approach has stood me in good stead for many years, and appears to have worked as usual even with covid - which, despite all the swindling that’s been wrapped around it, I do believe to be a genuine and rather nastier than usual respiratory ill, not to be taken lightly.

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