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Assange trial 18 Sep updates

US is told: Sure you can just add new grounds for appeal against Assagne’s extradition refusal.
You forgot to attack one of the professional witnesses? No problem!

Julian Assange loses court battle to stop US expanding extradition appeal


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I suppose that by some or other warped logic the longer that someone “resists the impulse to suicide” the more convincingly you can argue that “see: he’ll be fine!”.

If I cast myself off a 100 storey building and there happened to be an eyewitness on every floor you could certainly gather 100 people who’d say “Karen looked fine to me, on the way down”. None of this would invalidate the coroner’s finding based on examination of my splatted remains though.

There’s nothing convincing about this: Assange is “…not so ill that he would be unable to resist killing himself if extradited – challenging Baraitser’s ruling that the US authorities could not prevent Assange from finding a way to commit suicide if he was extradited.”

The hunters express a view on the prey’s mental state, and an idiotic one at that; and even if it made sense it would not relate to the issue of protection.

If the new appeal angle was legitimate, why would the handomely paid team of US lawyers miss it on their first submission?
A rational explanation is that the tactic may be to complicate the judgement so it will be less obvious how predetermined it was.

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Maybe this little twist in the pantomime could be spun as proof that UK explored every avenue before caving in to US requirements. But we all know that both States are equally determined to ensure that Assange is seen to suffer horribly, and I wouldn’t even be all that surprised if the UK were the real driving force.

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Yeah there was so much collusion with Sweden, which was driven by the US purposes, it would be a bit dumb to imagine there isn’t collusion with the US now.

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