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Apparently THE lead 'news' story today is the Hewitts' chat with Oprah Winfrey

Why isn’t there an ‘Utter Shite’ category here?

Been hearing this nothingburger dreck leading every ‘news’ bulletin today on the BsBC Radio3 channel. Suddenly it’s even more important than the covid/PCR/dangerous-injections swindle.

Perhaps it’s useful for drawing attention away from the obvious progressive collapse of the swindle narrative…?

Madness level just now is unprecedented in my experience. Who gives a twopenny damn about the cavortings of the young ginger Hewitt cuckoo, late of the Windsor circus, and his slightly-brown wife? Let the poor doomed-to-ridiculousness buggers be. Let 'em make idiots of themselves for money. And let 'em drop out of sight and into total irrelevance eventually, like Edward Windsor and Mrs. Simpson before them. Who, really, gives a fart?