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Anyone heard anything about Pontius? Bit worried about him

Since the rather sharp disagreements on climate science, he’s gone quiet. I sense that he was deeply upset that we-all seemed impervious to self-evident reason (though of course, I personally don’t quite see it like that. I’ve come with difficulty to the tentative posture that the whole climate debate is by no means clear, and fully decided; quite the opposite, in fact).

Furthermore, I’ve been trying to email P, but have no response so far. Hoping that he’s well. Does anyone know anything?

I also hope that Pontius is ok.

In the present political climate he should, at the very least, be given a Medal of Honour for letting this board continue.

(he’ll probanly ban me now; no worries, because I’ve been banned many times in what is a totally insane world).

Again, I really do hope that Pontius is ok.

Does anyone have any news?

I also failed to get a response to an email

Me too: no response to email. WTF has happened to him?

His profile says he has been “suspended for being too combative”, lol. Suspended himself! Guess its a deliberate absence. I hope he confirms his wellbeing


LOL! How like PP! I hope he unsuspends soon! Come back P, we don’t like your absence…