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Another unforeseen consequence the covid-scammers didn't expect: ALL 'immunisation' injections down!

Not just the scamdemic poison-stabs; the whole bloody kaboodle! Dear god, am I glad to see that happening! Now at last a lot more children have the chance to join my great-grandchildren in getting the benefits of completely vaccine-free childhood, and the lifelong benefits that that brings - as I’ve had the good fortune to experience too, for the same reason: free of all vaccinations, ever:


Apropos (link below). Note the idea of immortality discussed in this item. The author doesn’t include the idea of struldbrugs:

Swift’s account of the struldbrugs of Luggnagg. Note in particular the last line. Give me repeated deaths and the Wheel of Rebirth, any time! :slight_smile:

The Charles Eisenstein article is great, like most of his stuff, and I recommend his SubStack which is where it came from originally. The death phobia is a prime driver of the societal fractures these last few years, The Worm At The Core as it has been described (Sheldon Solomon et al). Not a new phenomenon, in fact age-old.

Underlying even that is clinging: to what we have (including ‘our’ lives). It’s selfish, but more importantly futile, to cling to what we cannot keep and which we know that one day will be taken away from us. But, man oh man, it is EVERYWHERE and so so strong.

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Paradoxically, despite the advancing decrepitude, life has become more serene for me lately precisely because - as I’ve become aware - I seem to be relinquishing - spontaneously - one thing after another to which I’ve clung with enthusiasm for most of this lifetime. The sense of liberation is - as I said, paradoxically - very exhilarating…!

And… I now have a sample of DMT given to me by a good friend, which I’m trying to get nerved up to try, to see what further things beyond the veil that I may be able to realise, with its supposedly transformational help… :slight_smile:

Watch this space for further reports! :laughing:

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NYC to Close “Toddler COVID Vaccine Sites” – due to NO DEMAND

As Chudov highlights…this has got to be one of the most feeble excuses ever offered by a govt:

NYC to close COVID-19 vaccine sites for toddlers ahead of school year, as city pivots to monkeypox

“I’ll just have the ice cream on its own”

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Enjoy the journey

Lame with a capital L.