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Anna de Buisseret (Update)

How many lives have been lost to these injections since 12th July 2021?? In this video of me serving a Notice of Liability and Cease and Desist order on a vaccine clinic here in the UK - last July 2021, almost a year ago - I warn these policemen (but they didn’t listen to me) that these injections are Bioweapons and that this is a Eugenics programme - a Genocide, and that Crimes against Humanity are being committed in breach of the law. I told them that that is the legal analysis from lawyers around the globe - on the evidence to date in July 2021. I had also brought with me bundles of evidence that the police refused to even look at, let alone consider and investigate. We now have 11 months MORE evidence to prove what I’m saying in this clip.

This video of me serving a vaccine clinic in July 2021 went viral and global last year with people contacting me from around the globe to thank me for my work on this issue and to ask me to help them raise legal challenges in their own countries.

I’ve also been contacted by fellow military people globally. Each of them has advised me that this clip of me has been going viral amongst the military in other countries as well as here in the UK. So - clearly these military people have heard my warnings, in addition to the police.

So why didn’t the police investigate back in July 2021 - and why are they still refusing to investigate?? Why are the police in other countries refusing to investigate?
Why are we still watching Genocide unfold? How many more lives must be lost before the police. the military, the politicians, and others will listen to those of us desperately trying to save those lives??? The public record clearly shows that there are warnings from lawyers stating what I’m stating in this clip circulating since at least early 2021. The longer they delay the investigation, the harder it will be for them to deny knowledge. I wouldn’t like to be one of those still pretending that they don’t know that this is Genocide. It’s going to be a very hard defence to run in criminal proceedings - see the Nuremberg Trials, 1945 onwards: “I was just following orders” is NO defence in criminal proceedings. Take note.

Anna de Buisseret, UK Lawyer, Lieutenant, HM Armed Forces (retired).

UK Lawyer Anna de Buisseret Serving Notice of Liability for JABS given w/o FULL INFORMED CONSENT!

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Be interesting to see when a critical mass of police and military personnel begin to stand up and say: “Enough of these scams!” That’s always the key moment when any house-of-cards built by shyster politicians and technocrats on the make, all in thrall to manipulator forces, collapses.

I know it’s an old man’s repeating groove, but it’s so encouraging that I keep coming back to it: Chris Hedges’ account of the fall of Erich Honecker in the GDR: “Honecker sent the paratroop regiment to quell the demonstrators; the paras refused to fire on their fellow-Germans; and Honecker was gone in a week!”

I get a distinct impression that the Mills of God - which are almost Russian in their slowness to act, but which, also like Russia grind exceeding small when they do get going - are beginning to make preliminary creaks over the covid scam, and over the whole BPharma-versus-deadly-viruses racket. Come, friendly Mills, and grind on cov…!