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Andrew Bridgen interview with Doc Malik

It’s 2 odd hours long. Please, give it five or so mins from approximately 1:32.40

Worth watching the lot


“To make money, all you need is next weeks newspapers today. Who owns next weeks newspapers” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’ll watch the whole thing when I get the time.

Andrew (not that royal paedophile) for Prime Minister!


Snap! Watched it last night.

Interesting section on his discussion with Andrey Kalin the Russian Ambassador to London revealing that “we are already at war with Russia” and “UK people” are on the ground in Ukraine and firing Stormshadow missiles. France and Germany have already brought conscription into law. EU already selling war bonds. Escalation if US atart using runways in other EU countries for F16’s to take off and land. Fascinating insider view on the corruption in the HoC, the Post Office scam and loads more. I agree, it’s worth watching the lot!