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Andrew Bridgen gets leading lights over for a Parliament meeting

(Monday ie yesterday)

Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Angus Dalgliesh (a leading UK oncologist). And McCullough in a live link.
Quite a feat.

They were not given permission to televise a live link apparently.

Steve Kirsch is in the lineup. I’m not sure this is such a good idea as he’s full of himself with challenging the world over the New Zealand whistleblower story. He has Bridgen interested in this too.
Kirsch’s claims will be challenged on the basis that the data is incomplete. (Also that neither he, Liz Gunn nor Barry Smith are medical).
Kirsch’s argument is that the data is a complete set of vaccination data for one component of the vax programme - about a third of it I think - and there is no reason for it NOT to be representative of the whole vaccine programme.
The trouble is he is not in charge of this data narrative and I think claims about the data are likely to be spun out of his hands.
I hope they don’t try to make too much of this. They have top medical names in the UK parliament building, and hopefully the world looking on.
Kirsch should make the point re the NZ data as a possible strong signal, and accompany it with demands for a full analysis of all the data - then hopefully give way to the medical heavyweights.

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The Winston Smith whistleblower, Barry Young (did the two become conflated as Barry Smith? I don’t know that name) is due to be bailed today.

Oops…conflation by me :slight_smile:
He’ll be kept off the internet on bail to damp down the story.
He had access to the data as part of his job and hasn’t published anything identifiable so I don’t see what ‘abuse’ of the data has been perpetrated. It seems to me that would depend on whether his analysis is deliberately misleading. Otherwise everyone ‘misuses’ data every time someone disagrees with their interpretation. His real crime is whistleblowing it seems but you won’t hear that word from any official.


The media had almost totally ignored it and still are a day afterwards.

There was considerable interference with the visibility of the event.
According to Dr David Martin, one of the speakers:

“The Parliament canceled the meeting room, turned off the livestream cameras, and offered only a flat screen TV. YET, 12 MPs, 4 Lords, and about 75 in the gallery packed the room complete with Members of the media. We’re indebted to Kim Martin for this video!”

So there is only phone footage of a meeting held in parliament attended by experts flown in from the US!
Though there are a couple of transcripts at least.

Dr Robert Malone Testimony in UK Parliament: Show us the data!

There is also a transcript of the pre-recorded address by Dr MIke Yeadon:

Only trouble is, Yeadon’s address wasn’t shown!
I secretly didn’t mind - I don’t think the parliament world is ready for there having being no pandemic, and they had to cope with David Martin’s explanation that it was part of the plan since 1966. He had chapter and verse, as usual.

Dr Peter McCullough’s live link failed to appear.

Looking out for what the other medics said, especially the oncologist. Will report any more if it appears.


Yeah and I imagine they’ll nick his gear: laptop etc. Using data for a purpose for which it isn’t intended would probably be tricky in the sense that a half-decent defence lawyer would argue that being able to pick up harms done by the vax is very clearly in the public interest. Whether that is in terms of his contract with the data owner is gonna be the crux of any prosecution. I suspect they will make an example of him with a few days of trial by media and then let things blow over. Unless of course the thing really gets some traction.

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Dr Peter McCullough’s address to the meeting:

EDIT: I’ve deleted my Michael Yeadon post on the main board as Evvy had already posted it here.

Dr Ryan Cole and Dr Robert Malone’s contributions can be found here:

Scroll down a fair bit:

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This is all diversion therapy for the hard of thinking. The pharmaceutical industry as a whole and its clients, the politicians, the journalists, the ‘expert’ warriors pretending opposition, including Kirsch, Malone & McCullough, Martin, (not sure about Yeadon) are protected species. They are protected by the same powerful and rich evil scum who organised, and continue to organise, the whole damned show.

Massive amounts of attention & time will be wasted by the “Health Freedom” adherents on the “vaccine” issues which, observe, are being kept constantly in the forefront of the sceptic brigade’s consciousness. Already it is actually history, to be written, rewritten and argued over forever.

Look behind the spectacle, look after your health, look out for what’s coming next.


On this I tend to agree. COVID was several psyops ago. I don’t think I subscribe to any of those SubStacks from two/three years ago, still gnawing at that same bone. And certainly not Malone, that subscription was soon binned.

Even so, a highly relevant case study in how we (I claim no exemption) are led by the nose. I don’t exclude the SubStack platform itself from that, very likely a honeypot. The pay-to-comment scam, for example, is blatant.

That’s an excellent summary. I think the usefulness of this gathering is exemplified by the various measures taken by Parliament - in collaroration with the mainstream media - to suppress it.

Ryan Cole’s presentation is particularly useful as he lists a host of things people didn’t know about. It’s effective due to the speed which he manages to achieve by omitting detail.
By the time he gets to cancer effects - “the monster in the room” - any innocent punters watching will have already balked at seeing where the spike protein goes or can go (ie almost everywhere). Yes they will be in your testes or ovaries, what harm could that do…
Meanwhile any innocent or unsuspecting medics will pick up the medical references and realize they have likely been duped.

Of course the suppression is a key strategy - people must not see, en masse, what their MPs have been ignoring. OTOH some discerning bods will note this effort by TPTB and its significance. Little by little the truth of the matter drips out.

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Below is from Mike Yeadon:

I’m trying to get details but unfortunately & unsurprisingly my recorded speech for Andrew Bridgen’s event was apparently not played. It is very unlikely to have been for the same reason that Dr McCulloughs live link presentation wasn’t made. My recording was in Andrew’s teams hands at least four days ago & confirmed to play locally. Unless all their laptops failed, they chose not to play it. Well, that makes three times in as many weeks. Germany, Croatia and U.K. We will release two talks, because I possess the recordings, just as soon as I get my technical act together. Best wishes Mike :point_right: Telegram: Contact @DrMikeYeadon


The “vaccine” issues are being kept constantly in the forefront of my consciousness due to the fact that I’m constantly meeting people who wish they’d never had the shots and/or are “vaccine” damaged or who know, or know of, at least one person who’s died. “Turbo cancer” is often mentioned, as well as other serious injuries, usually by friends or relatives of the victims. My best mate died in November 2021 after having the first two jabs.Two mortuary workers told me in 2022 that they couldn’t understand why the mortuary was so full during the summer these days. A funeral director told me the same story in summer 2023. A mate, who thought he’d torn his achilles tendon, was kept waiting in casualty for eight hours before seeing a nurse last August. As well as this there are emergency ambulances gong past my place, with sirens on at full blast, at the rate of one every 42 minutes at the last count during the daytime at least. A month ago I met “K” with her young son in the High Street while we were handing out free copies of The Light Newspaper. Here’s what she had to say during our email exchange a few weeks later:

Well, obviously nobody will confirm whether my health issues are because of the jab.
I spoke with someone and they brought this subject.
I have for over a year unidentified pain in my tummy, had numbers of scans and doctors don’t know why.
Also, from May I have severe muscle twitching and jerking, so it looks like neurological problems, although I have been tested neurological and it didn’t show any issues.
It started on May this year, so 2 years after the vaccine so I don’t know, but as I said, someone said it might be that.

I put her in touch with a friend who’s been through the mill and is “vaccine” damaged and knows the score.

About three weeks ago a woman told me that she had come under pressure when she refused to sign a document or allow her six year old to be given the nasal spray flu “vaccine”. She also told me that eleven five to six year olds in the class of thirty are now in hospital. The children’s nasal spray is “safe and effective” according to the NHS website.

BTW two emergency ambulances have gone past, one just now, since I started writing this

From where I’m standing this is a very long way from being just history!

What do you see behind the spectacle? What do you see coming next?

[quote=“Evvy_dense, post:10, topic:4300”]
I think the usefulness of this gathering is exemplified by the various measures taken by Parliament - in collaroration with the mainstream media - to suppress it.[/quote]

Ooh, they’re trying to hide it from us while simultaneously letting us know they’re trying to hide it from us. Of course they are. yeah, right. You can fall for it if you like for all the difference it’ll make while the Malones & Kirsches etc. continue to grandstand for the excited audience.

While people will, eventually, be allowed to believe that real harm was done by these particular medical interventions (all brought in with the best possible intentions of course), and those medics and campaigners who espouse/retail ‘early treatments’ for the non-existent ‘COVID’ disease bask in, and profit from, their vindication; all the other previous and ongoing medical interventions for all kinds of conditions and diseases (the causes of which are also deliberately misrepresented), which are quite as harmful and fraudulent as the ‘COVID’ ones, will continue to get a free pass.

Guess who will be figuring among those who will continue to benefit.

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Carry on looking after your own health. Continue to fear nothing. Reassure the worried jabbed that what’s done is done and their bodies will be doing their best to get rid of toxins (and will have a better chance without any further medical interventions) and to that end they too should be living as cleanly as possible to assist the process. Keep advising everyone you know to refuse any kind of ‘vaccination’, especially for their children, especially the nasal poison.

The twats will continue to entertain/divert us with wars, genocides, big, big fear porn - and angel-on-pinhead debates - to further blind us and reduce our resistance to ill health and biosecurity fascism. Not sure its going as well for them as they hope.

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Seems a bit elaborate to me AlanG…

If the publicity and coverage are restricted fewer people will see it; but some will still see it.
Surely the effect of these campaigners will be that more people will realize the real harms faster?

If they are all on the take, where are the normal people who are genuinely concerned then?
Most of the people at Bridgen’s meeting have (like Bridgen himself) been ejected from their lucrative careers, and become pariahs professionally. They are hardly going to recuperate their salaries from selling cheap early covid treatments and travelling round the world giving talks to 30 people.

Ryan Cole owned 12 pathology labs in various US states and last I heard it was down to six (might be more by now, his license is under threat).
McCullough has been shedding jobs and positions like water. Malone - qualified in bioethics, law as well as medicine, vaccinology and regulations - could have worked anywhere in the system, but is now in the doghouse zone for speaking out. Pierre Kory and Paul Maric - like McCullough, both were treating physicians who were at the top of their tree - now treat people outside the system earning fractions of what they earned before, and seem to spend most of their time campaigning. I don’t get how that is ‘basking’.

I agree things were bad before, and bad treatments that existed before covid will continue. But Maric, Kory, McCullough and the rest - now the scales have fallen from their eyes, have come out and spilled a lot of the beans about that.

I get that you think they haven’t spilled ALL the beans :wink:
Maybe I haven’t read enough from the no-virusers, but I think your theory is too simple to explain what we see before our eyes - it doesn’t seem to allow for anyone behaving normally, if you see what I mean.


From 30th November

Data from the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows that the COVID vaccines have killed over 10 million worldwide

Below from 1st December

It’s time for criminal charges to be filed against the NZ Ministry of Health officials. NOW!

Below from 7th December:

Health New Zealand: Where is your analysis of your data? Why aren’t you publishing it?


Hi @Rich , thanks for the above. Here is information on the Denis Rancourt research to which Kirsch referred:


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Pierre Kory’s presentation is now available.

This is one of the best quick looks into the fraudulent burying of a host of (cheap) early treatments, to clear the path for (expensive) Pharma solutions (that were promoted not because of safety or efficacy).
Kory is expert on the Ivermectin saga having been deeply immersed in it.

It also gives the best shots of the meeting; some of the others are from narrow phone angles.
The wider shots show that there are more at the meeting than appeared from these intial releases.

You can also see how they were all squashed in as the size of the available room dropped by 90% and at the same time presentation facilties were slashed.
An international group of Drs presenting to a Parliament audience on an issue of life and death on a world scale - and they have to use 20-year old technology, in like…a crowded barn.


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Interesting 10 minute video below from Richard Vobes on the sabotage of the meeting but with some good news also.

Andrew Bridgen’s parliamentary presentation with world health experts on 4th December took place with much success. However, behind the scenes, deliberate attempts to sabotage the event were made by officials in the British Parliament.


I am UNABLE to post this polite, legal comment under Richard Vobes’ recent video about Andrew Bridgen’s meeting in a parliamentary committee room, which was sabotaged.
Andrew had invited a group, mostly from USA plus two locals (Prof Angus Dalgleish and yours truly, Dr Mike Yeadon).

The story I’ve heard independently from two people in the room matches what Richard tells us. They needed an HDMI cable to link a laptop to the video screen. It’s a modern device with no user operating buttons on it. It can only be operated using the remote. IT staff assisted but upon leaving it was apparent that the volume had been set to zero and the remote had been removed from the room. You couldn’t make it up.

Richard appears not to know that the two people affected the most, in that important information that the 17 MPs who’d shown up REALLY needed to see, were me and Peter.

Thanks @Rich . If you watch to the very last minute, if you are as cynical as me, you’ll burst out laughing. Sorry but it’s true!