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Andrew bridgen bombshell interview

Even I hadn’t realised that we’re this deep in the shit.

It’s two hours long and a must see.


Just managed to get round to this marathon. Upped the speed to 1.25 and put the subtitles on so I could see what he was talking about while zooming forward.
But there’s a lot in it. It’s probably worth the whole time if you can find it.
Tellingly, no-one else in the media has interviewed him.

He’s so close to the seat of power he can feel all the tentacles of the system as they throb around him wondering what to do with him. He’s a dangerous man and he is in a dangerous position. It might have been fortunate that someone mentioned to the parliament welfare system that it was being said that he was suicidal, allowng a potentially useful denial to be published.

One of his relevations I found hard to believe. I wonder if he’s been put on the turkey story diet in an attempt to discredit him. But he has shown plenty of true revelations that the media and his colleagues refused to reveal.

Thanks for posting.