And in the Third World, Nicaragua and the Sandinistas show the way

“No curfews, no lockdowns, no “stay at home”, no psychosis, no covid-calamities. There has been much talk about the Swedish corona strategy but the strategy of Nicaragua has been by far more successful, with many fewer deaths, no “economic rescue” for big banks and only limited damage to small and medium sized businesses.” What a contrast to Argentina.

And the Sandanista government, wiped out by Facebook, Twitter et al, just got re-elected with 74% of the vote. A lesson for Macron (who made an address to the nation last night which sounded exactly like a party political broadcast) and Boris perhaps?

From Off-Guardian Nicaragua – The Country That Didn’t Swallow the Covid Blue Pill – OffGuardian

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According to one report there was countrywide adoption of ivermectin by 25th january 2021:

“Ivermectin Nicaragua - country-wide adoption - Jan 25, 2021”

  • there is a link here but I couldn’t get it to work.

No mention of this in the OG article!