And a little bit more of the plot unravels

From RT. Andalusia’s top court has declared Coroni passports mandatory for nightlife venues discriminatory and in violation of citizens privacy rights.


@admin . As there have been a number of these (Austria, Portugal, Canada, Germany and now Spain, not forgetting the complete overturn by Governors in Texas and Florida), in order to help keep track of the successes, could we have a category all on its own?

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Hi PatB - Good idea, do you mean category as labelled by the board system? I don’t know much about that. Probably @PontiusPrimate is designing a training course as we speak :). Or do you just mean a thread where we can add the court cases and chat about them?

Hi @PatB

This is a very easy thing to do. What sort of category name do you think fits?

Everyone also had the ability to create a tag and apply it to the post they are creating. That already might give you what you want…

Michigan lawmakers repeal Whitmer powers months after court overturned them

July 26: After limiting Whitmer powers, Unlock Michigan now targets local health orders

LANSING— Michigan governors will no longer have the authority to use a 1945 law that gave them expanded powers during public crises or emergencies.

On Wednesday, the Republican-led House voted 60-48 to adopt a petition brought through a citizen petition drive to repeal the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act. Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used the law last year to issue public health orders until the Michigan Supreme Court found it unconstitutional in October.

Rep. Jack O’Malley,R-Lake Ann, said the act — which was created in response to 1945 race riots in Detroit — was never intended to address long-term, statewide pandemics. He said the Legislature wanted to work with the governor during the coronavirus crisis, but she ignored them.

“I understand this was a fast-moving situation and the governor was in a rough spot having to respond to something that was killing over 3,000 Americans every day,” O’Malley said from the House floor.

“So, here we are, acting in a constitutional fashion to defend this state from any future governor regardless of their political affiliation.”


Four Democrats voted to repeal: Reps. Sara Cambensy of Marquette, Tim Sneller of Burton, Richard Steenland of Roseville and Karen Whitsett of Detroit.

The repeal will take effect in 2022, following the Republican-led Senate’s approval of the proposal last week.

Whitmer cited the 1945 act to limit crowd gatherings, implement mask mandates and close certain establishments after lawmakers refused to extend Whitmer’s emergency state of emergency declaration on April 30, 2020.

“This is about letting the people of Michigan know that no longer will a governor be allowed to use a loophole to rule over the state unilaterally and indefinitely,” said Rep. Sarah Lightner, R-Springport.

Whitmer’s office declined to comment, but Rep. Julie Rogers, D-Kalamazoo, defended the use of the law during the pandemic.

“This is not a rogue governor following her own rules,” Rogers said. “She was following a statute that was written and was only recently decided on by the Supreme Court,” Rogers said.

The Michigan Supreme Court made the decision in October 2020 according to this report:

  • so 10 months ago the court said it was illegal - not so recent, imo.
  • and she was unlawfully expanding her powers under the statute not just following it, imo.
    Political spin - they just can’t help themselves can they.


Hi @Evvy_dense and @admin. Yes a board category rather than jsut a tag.

Being a natural joker, how about “One Up the NWO”?

Or “Renegades 1, NWO 0”

Done. It’s a bit tight for number of words, so I’ve called it “Renegades vs NWO

If anyone has a post about the subject, they can edit them and change the category to fit

Cheers all

Incidentally, what’s NWO?

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incidentally, what’s NWO?

I should defer to @PatB but would guess New World Order

Exactly. And who are they? Well, lets start with the ones out in the open; Kill Gates, Obenfurher Schwab, and their puppets like Mighty Mouse Macron, Bungling Boris Johnson, and lets not forget that angel Merkel.

Then there are those in the shadows. Well, easily count every Bilderberg member including the Dutch royal family and the Rothchilds. I could go on, but when Nuremberg 2 comes, I’m sure you’ll see the full cast of players.


I’m belatedly reading the second half of David Icke’s The Trigger. (Permission to wince.)

This is his massively detailed analysis of 911 and why it happened. The first several hundred pages are nuts and bolts stuff and covered relatively little unfamiliar ground. I got more interested in Griffin/Woodworth’s 9/11 Unmasked so I shelved it for another day. Like about two years ago.

Anyway, I got it back down as I’d quite like to read his two later books (same shelf, spines uncracked) and because I’m dutiful about things like this :rofl:

The second half of the book is all the NWO stuff (later on he links it all together and I suspect he really does mean ALL). My problem with it really is that he seems to say all the things that the ‘Discordians’ spoofed all those years ago, see also The Illuminatus Trilogy… BUT they were joking and Dave clearly isn’t.

I commented as much to OH, who was telling me all about how Marie Antoinette had “a Hapsburg chin”. I said, roughly, “all this stuff about Rothschilds seems mad far fetched… but considering families like the Hapsburgs and De Medicis basically ran the world a few centuries ago maybe it isn’t”.

We certainly live in interesting times.

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When America sneezes, the rest of the world self-isolates…I feel that could be an important moment for the vaccine mandates.

Supreme Court appears poised to block Biden’s vaccine and testing rules for businesses

The irony of this teeny snippet made me smile:

“The three liberal justices on the court expressed clear approval for the administration’s rules in both areas.”

But this is CNN - I guess Fox news would have described it differently.

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I’ve been following this pretty closely and agree this is potentially game changing. A good source of info, from a writer with a US legal background, is the Coffee and Covid SubStack.

Based on his reportage (the whole circus was broadcast live) the lefty judges monopolised the oral hearing Friday (Jan 7th) but essentially regurgitated all the usual propaganda, restating the OSHA case for them. Token resistance to what is hopefully a lost cause.

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Yeah what was going in court with refutable rhetoric being allowed to hold sway unchallenged wouldn’t have filled me with confidence, but he says that’s not what matters so with any luck he’ll be right.

9/1/22 Ikea cuts sick pay for unvaccinated UK staff who are self-isolating
Retailer says it will pay £96.35 a week rather than average £400 but will consider mitigating circumstances

…Some employers have experimented with incentives for workers to get vaccinated, including free time off during work hours, but Ikea and utility company Wessex Water, have joined supermarket Morrisons in imposing a financial cost on those without an exemption who decline to be vaccinated.

People in England who are fully vaccinated – with at least two doses of most of the approved vaccines – are not required to self-isolate if they have been in close contact with someone infected with Covid-19. However, unvaccinated people contacted through the government’s test-and-trace system must still self-isolate by law. Other nations of the UK have set similar rules.

9/9/21 Morrisons cuts sick pay for non-jabbed workers after ‘biblical’ pandemic costs
Pay changes part of plans to mitigate supply chain crisis as company prepares to be auctioned off amid profit slump

…He said the move was also intended to encourage workers to get themselves vaccinated.

One member of staff who contacted the Guardian said: “It feels almost like the company is coercing people into getting the jab.”

Another up the derrière for the GIC’s.

Not sure if I picked this up here (apologies if already posted elsewhere). The Freedom of Information request for the Pfizer vaccine approval documents where the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it would take 75 years to release over 400,000 documents! A judge has now overuled them and said they must release 55,000 pages a month rather than their 500 per month.

“Here, the court recognizes the ‘unduly burdensome’ challenges that this [Freedom of Information Act] request may present to the FDA, but as expressed at the scheduling conference, there may not be a ‘more important issue at the Food and Drug Administration … than the pandemic, the Pfizer vaccine, getting every American vaccinated, [and] making sure that the American public is assured that this was not rush[ed] on behalf of the United States."


Interesting. I get the impression that the despite the epidemic of scoff-law illegality that the gics and their servitors have unleashed during the scam, Western legal systems are still working somewhat, if patchily. And, as the public mood evolves away from hypnotised panic, and back towards a more canny scepticism, under the impact of the calamitous news now spreading through public consciousness about the disaster of the poison-stabs, I can see legal recourse working better and better, as judges and lawyers wake up to the fact that we’ve all been conned, and shake off the trance. Improving prospects, then, for Reiner Fuellmich’s effort to get widespread legal actions up and running against the scam criminals.