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An interesting conversation with Jem Bendell

I think Jem is one of the saner voices out there discussing climate, the environment, the economy and - more recently - authoritarian responses to the above as well as covid.

I’m currently reading his book - BREAKING TOGETHER – a freedom-loving response to collapse - (you can get a paid or free copy here BREAKING TOGETHER – a freedom-loving response to collapse – Prof Jem Bendell) but its going to take me a while to finish it.

Anyway. Lots of things I agree with here, and some thoughtful discussion about what we’re up against, what the future might look like and the importance of getting involved wherever we can.


Another chat with Jem. I like him a lot. I like his views on the new wave of climate change scepticism and the connection to the elite COVID response.

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Thanks for the links. He makes many good points about authoritarianism, the elites and climate change. I always felt that the authoritarian response to covid was going to result in a great deal of scepticism towards climate change and environmental problems more generally.

Commendable how he made the career-stopping step out of the mainstream “green” movement.