America Is Complicit in Yemen Atrocities. Biden Says That Ends Now

Some potential good news. As one of my friends like to say, let’s wait and see what happens…

Pretty par for the course MSM article, so don’t click it expecting anything much in the way of truth bombs, but a sliver of hope in a horrendous situation, perhaps.

Secretary of State-designate Anthony Blinken said President Joe Biden’s administration would end U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s military intervention in Yemen, which in Blinken’s words had “contributed to … the worst humanitarian situation anywhere in the world.”

Exactly. A bit like Trump promising to drain the swamp. If there’s one thing that the Americans should know by now, it’s that it may be red or blue in the Whitehouse, the Senate or Congress, but it’s always business as usual. Support for Israel, bomb a few more un-people, give a few more tax cuts to the rich, bailouts for the bankers and we’re good to go. Viva la différence?