Afghanistan: Media Gives Cover to US Troops’ Slaughter of Civilians Fleeing Taliban

The US leaves Afghanistan as it came in, by gunning down unarmed and innocent civilians…


Gotta get those tonnes of heroin safely onto the planes, I guess

I think the Mintpress site has taken it down. Is this the original

Here a fellow choked up with coronavirus explains how western media talks about US ‘firing’ and civilians ‘dying’ separately

(No I didn’t mean Joe Biden!)

Edit: The misreporting has already been commented on in the other thread on this. Thanks for the heads up. Was starting to believe the radio :open_mouth:

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Thanks ED, that was, indeed, the article. I’m not sure why mint press removed it. Perhaps it was too hot a take and wasn’t accurate (although your video seems to confirm this story), or perhaps they were asked to remove it.

Who knows?

Thanks ED, that was, indeed, the article.

I picked it up on New Dark Age but can’t find it there either.

To take one more odd story, the apparent deaths due to people falling out of landing gear hatch/hanging off bomber plane/some other variant…

I saw a Twitter thread in which someone or other commented that Afghans probably see so few planes that it’s no surprise, surely, that these folks totally didn’t grasp the dangers until it was too late. Clearly the notion that the country is essentially blokes with goats and turbans has persuaded more than a few…