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About the Permanent Bullshit Blizzard: Kit Knightly has 7 oven-fresh examples re. Ukraine

Surfing about constantly, you soon get the smell of what just might be sound information/analysis, and what has the familiar stench of the PBB. Kit offers some blatant, easily caught-out examples of the latter.

The Anglozionist-empire professional liars are really Slack Alices at their whoring work: just knock together any superficial piece of dross that will hypnotise the average screen-entranced/DailyCrap-swallowing mooncalf, and once it’s had its couple of days exposure, bury it and on to the next steaming-fresh PBB turd. Jesus, who could envy the lives of such whores:


Correct me if I’m wrong @RhisiartGwilym but does this mean you won’t be up for my idea of having a Clap for Ukraine this and every Thursday evening? Ttccch.

I’m copyrighting the hashtag this very instant: #SeeUatTheCU

Happy days

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Having the clap for Ukraine? I’m certainly not volunteering for that!

For some - inexplicable - reason, my rabelaisian mind jumps to that famous small ad which outwitted an unworldly advertising editor at the Times some years ago: ‘See you when tea is ready. Doris: 123-4567’ :innocent: