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About 50 drones flew over 10 mins ago easterly direction looked like evenly distributed points in sky?

Did anyone else witness these :

sorry about quality there is a line of 5 lights in the centre around 50 flew over at 11:50 pm 22 5 21!

These lights moved together across the sky above the house in about 1 to 2 minutes, faster than or as fast as a jet.


I now discover these are Musk’s monstrosities 50 just ruin the night sky and I gather he’s talking of thousands of these satellites.
Stupid bastard!


Actually, it’s us (globally, not necessarily posters at 5 Filters) who are the stupid bastards. There is now so much evidence, albeit either surpressed or censored, that five gee is harmful to living organisms, that just launching thousands of the flipping things into space is criminal. Oh, but we’ll be able to stream the end of civilisation without interruption while order our cockroach meals on wheels from Amazon.

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uk is of course up to its neck in this stuff -