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A socialist analysis of the Labour manifesto

From a genuine expert. “Andrew Fisher was Director of Policy of the Labour Party, and was at the heart of Jeremy Corbyn’s manifestos in 2017 and 2019.”

Don’t know of any written summaries. Might have to watch it to get the gory details good news

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Cued up for viewing tonight, thanks Evvy. Whether this will genuinely form the agenda for the next few years remains to be seen: doubtless unanticipated larger factors and the latest emergency will impinge and that will provide cover for a while.

My very cursory reading of Reform’s ‘Contract’ suggests fairly standard neolib slash-and-burn a la Milei. The Green campaign is all about being “Fair” while we try to avoid sizzling.

That’s about as far as I have bothered to date. Since I won’t be in Ian Lavery’s constituency in time it’ll be a spoiled ballot here.