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A Neglected Factor in the Fall of Civilizations

The archdruid on top form. Enjoyed this a lot. Seems very relevant to our latest climate change discussions (and… well just about everything really)

"One friend of mine spent years suffering from asthma so serious that she had to make repeated trips to the hospital. A few years ago she read about the role that wheat allergy plays in some cases of asthma like hers, and decided to try removing wheat from her diet. Her asthma went away. At her next appointment, she related this to her doctor, and the doctor nodded and admitted that she was familiar with the syndrome. My friend, astonished, asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?” The doctor’s response: “We prefer to medicate for that.”"


He makes a pretty convincing case. LOLd at “Godzillionaire”

Chris Bray comes at the problem from a different direction, and with much spleen, arguing that senior academics, for example, have no interest in solving problems because they refuse to even see what the problems are, other than mouthing the slogan Right Wing Extremism. I haven’t bothered clicking through to the article he demolishes, the demolition is a lot of fun though.

Mainstream Psychosis Is the New Normal - by Chris Bray