A Little Bit of Facebook Speak for Those with Strong Stomachs

This is a Project Veritas tweet, with video of Zuckerberg and their legal counsel for “teminating” leakers!


“It’s bad for the company”
…that needs to be able to mislead and deceive. So much for ‘misinformation’.
There’s no ‘public interest’ defence then!
Thanks for posting.

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A massive surveillance op, pure and simple.

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FBI sought info on who read USA Today news article for case

USA Today are resisting. I wonder if Facebook would do the same, or perhaps they are an open book already.

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The latter would be my bet. Much too rich a source of data not to be exploitable.

But still not enough… apparently.

The supposed uptick in ransomware attacks is driving multifactor authentication to saturation point whereby an email address and a web-enabled device (and the router, landline, bill payer name and address) can be reliably linked to a cellphone (possibly registered using another email address, payment factor, etc etc) and thus to location via IMEI, and so on.

All the better to order pizza with, of course :yawning_face:

Now here’s a good game: work out your stripper name by choosing your month of birth from list A and the day of the month from list B. Don’t forget to share the results so that everyone can be amused by how witty and clever you are.

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