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A history lesson on the criminals of the Club of Rome

Sorry but it’s video. Jeffery Jaxen reporting on the origin of the climate ‘crises’ and how we got to the current depopulation agenda and how we can get rid of all us useless eaters. It’s worth the time.

The HighWire | Watch episode 322 and watch from about 38 minutes.

If you want to understand the war on farming, go back to about 32 minutes.


Hi @PatB , good to revisit this stuff and its good the Highwire has picked it up - it’s all been covered in depth by James Corbett starting here:

With more climate stuff here:
and food stuff here:

Once we can get the Highwire and Corbett talking about the no virus theory with the likes of Cowan and Baileys , and 5G/EMI damage with the likes of Rubik and Havas we really will be starting to dissolve mis/disinformation, imo :wink: