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A couple of posts about geoengineering

Two posts from Secular Heretic that include whistleblower reports about geoengineering via chemtrails. I remembered an absent friend of many of us when I saw the author’s neologism: “Geoengineering Industrial Complex (GIC)”

and the follow-up article:

Happy 4th July to those who celebrate it, and while singularly pessimistic about the Changing Of The Guard here in the UK it will be fun seeing so many absolute villains dumped out of office, not least this SOB.



Since you posted the above, we have had (in South West France) beautiful blue skies at 7am. By 9 the sky was criss crossed by trails. By 11am the sky was hazy and overcast.

I may be wrong, but that many flights over rural France in two hours of the morning seems to be highly unlikely.

Just found the photos!

Temp chemtrail 1

Temp chemtrail 2


Maybe it’s anti bed-bug stuff?