A bunch of Covid and Jab stories from family, friends, neighbours etc

…that I put together over the last few months. (FWIW as an aside I and my partner know 26 people who either have had or will have the jab and 23 people who either have refused or will refuse to have it).

Ok, here goes:

G. Her mother in her 80’s perfectly healthy. Had vax on the Saturday and chatted happily to her daughter on the phone on the Monday. On Tuesday she began to feel odd and unwell. She died on the Saturday. No post mortem allowed.

C. Having treatment for cancer and was told by her Oncologist not to have the AZ vaccine. She wasn’t going to have it or any other Covid vaccine anyway and neither is her sister or her 100 year old mum. Most people she knows now who’ve have had it still “don’t feel right”. One has lost her appetite and her arm itches all the time. Another friend has bowel cancer which was in remission. The hospital was very happy with his progress but after having the injection he was feeling unwell and went back to the hospital. His blood count had dropped considerably and the cancer had come back with a vengeance. The specialist was shocked and couldn’t understand how the cancer could have come back so quickly. He’s been given 2 years maximum to live and is extremely upset. C was asked by her next door neighbour to look after her dog urgently. The neighbour had to take her close friend to the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford as her friend had a blood clot/s. She had had her second injection. Last heard they had not been seen at the hospital after waiting 7 hours.

M. In her 60’s, healthy and great walker. Had vax and all ok. Had stomach pains and felt sick one night a few weeks later, went to the bathroom and blacked out. Her husband thought she had died as she lay there not moving with her eyes open. She says: “I haven’t felt right since, not myself” Went to doctor as she’d never blacked out before. The doctor said she was probably hyperventilating when she felt sick and lacked oxygen to the brain. She still feels tired all the time, 6 weeks later.

J. Won’t have jab. Has friend who is a doctor who told her people shouldn’t have the Pfizer jab if they’re planning on having children. The pressure on her to have vax from friends/family has been immense. Friends are all posting on social media excited they have had their jab. The first news friends tell you is that they have had their jab and she finds the situation horrendous. She’s been called a few things like selfish and how will her family and friends feel when she’s on a ventilator? Some of the people she knows socially later admitted that they weren’t well after having the first vax. Some of them have experienced a marked worsening of pre-existing health problems.

J2. Had vax and is ok but has friend who’s been very ill since vax and has other friends who have also been ill since vax. Her best friend P, it now transpires, has been ill since the vax and has gone to her GP for tests. Her GP has told her that she must have Long Covid, which is news to her. She was perfectly fine before being vaxed.

J3. In his 30’s. Won’t have vax and is well versed in every known aspect of this huge scam. Father and step mother had jab and are ok. Recently his stepsister and her husband (both in their 30’s – dunno how they were entitled to vax at that age) had the jab and both were unable to work for a week and are continuing to have symptoms weeks later but are both still planning on having the second jab.

R. Had jab but is fine. Wife had it and was in bed for a day but now ok. Sister in Canada became “like a zombie” and lost the use of her hands for several days a few days after the jab.

R2. Has angina and started to feel ill with chest pains on the bus on way home from having jab. Had a heart attack an hour or so after he got home. He’d suffered a previous heart attack and had had a stent put in. Had told the doc just before he had the jab about his heart problems but doc shrugged it off. He wasn’t informed about side effects.

K. Had AZ vax and felt a great sense of relief. Was told that if side effects occur take Paracetamol. 6 days after vax had excessive clearing of throat & swallowing and then one sudden extra big heartbeat. Then temperature shot up and had hot flush that lasted 20-30mins. Said the “walls of her lungs felt hot”. Opened windows for some fresh air and drank water. Lay down on bed and concentrated on breathing naturally. Felt some sort of energy passing through body for about 10 minutes. Went to the khazi and urine felt hot. Lay down again. After a short space of time all symptoms subsided and has felt fine since. The whole episode lasted about an hour. Still going to have 2nd jab.

S. Works in Melbourne not had vax yet. A few weeks ago week a man who works for her said he needed time off because his wife was ill. His wife is 33 and was healthy. They have 2 small children. She was persuaded by her medical employers that she had to have the vaccine. Shortly after she had it her gums and thyroid glands started swelling and were painful. She went to the doctor who told her that the vaccine had caused it. He is arranging for scans. Meantime she can’t look after her children and is very unwell. Her husband is off work looking after her and the children.

XX&X I was out for a long stroll last week and while walking down a deserted track in the middle of a deserted golf course where I ran into these three chaps. Two of them were black and one was SE Asian. The Asian and guy and of the black guys are completely convinced it’s a scam. The other black guy wasn’t quite as sure as the other two but was very wary of the vaccines – he said he was going to wait and see what happens first. We had a right old blather about various details of the scam - including the D3 thing with black folks - for about half an hour. What are the chances of meeting three complete strangers in the middle of nowhere who turn out to be knowledgeable about the Covid scam! I told them about the London Freedom march on the 29th which they hadn’t heard about and they said they’d be going.

X&X Two women I met – both friends. Well aware it’s a scam and their partners also know this. Neither wear masks. One borrows her partner’s NHS lanyard to say she’s exempt.

Half a dozen taxi/Uber drivers I’ve met over a few months. Covid scam discussion with all of them en route. All aware of scam. None gave a toss if I wore the mask or not when I asked before getting into cab. All but one took off their mask when they realised where I was at. One has a wife and three kids who all also think it’s a fraud. One driver from Greece is not going to have the vax and neither are her family and most of her friends.

X. The person who rang me to see if I was going to have the vaccine. I’d ignored the texts and emails. FWIW he reckoned that only about 5% of people he’d called weren’t having the vax when I asked him. Said he’d had the vax on the Friday (this was Wednesday). He felt pretty rough for the whole weekend with bad headaches and back and shoulder pains but was ok by Monday. Told him I wasn’t going to have it. I told him thousands of people were reported as dying after being jabbed in the US and he said: “Yes, but not in the UK”. So that’s alright then! I was speechless.

Lady who works in supermarket. I’ve forgotten her name but we usually say hello when we bump into each other in there. Hadn’t seen her for a while. She’d had the jab and felt really rough but said she somehow still managed to go to work the next day. She was ok after that. Her husband has had Long Covid since Xmas and was slowly recovering but was then given the jab. He then became much worse and has lost it mentally. He can no longer remember the most basic things like what’s for dinner 5 minutes after he’s been told what’s for dinner.

C2. Had vax no problems at all not even pain in arm. Her sister had it and was ill for a few days.

M. Broke her hip last September and was admitted to a ward with four beds at a very large London hospital. One patient in the ward tested positive. They then tested the other 3 patients including M and all tested positive. Two were sent home and one was moved elsewhere. M was then on her own in ward. The next day she tested negative. She tested positive again the day after that yet still had no symptoms. Weeks later she was discharged to continue to recover at home from her broken hip. She’s 91, perfectly ok, still at home and has never had any Covid symptoms at all at any time.

D. Carrying out repairs on behalf of NHS on M’s house. He is not going to have a vaccine because he says his immune system has protected him all his life and sees no reason to have a vaccine. He says he’d rather have Covid. He doesn’t understand why people are putting their desire for freedom (holidays) before their health. He says vaxes are not tested and he’s trying to convince his daughters not to have the vaccine either. Says Pfizer cannot be sued if you get ill from a vaccine, which shows they have no confidence in it.

T. Ex NHS career nurse had vax and collapsed. Was at home in bed for nearly two weeks and felt like shit. Tested positive for Covid a few days after vax. Back at work after the two weeks in bed. She lives with her husband who never caught any of her symptoms. She now says yes she was ill for a while but “that’s normal”.

C3. Ex NHS career nurse who needed attention with a health problem (not Covid related) last year. Was sent to a large Surrey hospital 20 miles up the road for examination and was amazed and shocked to discover that the place was almost completely empty and none of the staff were wearing masks including the doctor who examined her. Sent for further examination a few days later to a smaller hospital which was also empty. Since then has had both jabs and no problems. Now qualified to give jab.

D. Gardener. Knows masks are useless and won’t have the vax. Feels like this is WW3 and injections are being used as weapons. Says if he can’t go on holiday then so be it. A work colleague is endlessly trying to wake people up at work about the scam. Girlfriend had vax because she felt pressurised by friends, family etc. She’s felt unwell since vax and has had a rash all up her arms ever since.

L. Hairdresser. Has refused vax. Was originally going to have it but changed her mind. Some of her clients have had negative reactions to the vax and she says that some clients are beginning to get suspicious about the jab because so many people now seem to know other people who’ve been ill from vax. Has directly asked clients what they think about it and many have said they feel or felt pressurised to have it.

A. Healer. Had Covid last July and said it was horrendous and the worst illness he’s had in his life and thought at one stage he might die. He took months to fully recover.

N. His step daughter late teens had Long Covid in early 2020. N & wife caught Covid from her and self isolated. Symptoms included nausea, diarrhea - but no fever - and tiredness for weeks afterwards. His wife got another infection 8 months later. Symptoms included breathing difficulties and she was put on Ventolin by GP for a while. Has never had breathing difficulties or need for Ventolin before. N’s mother in law in 70’s with rheumatoid arthritis had vax and developed symptoms the same day. Felt exhausted, dizzy, disoriented and was hallucinating that it was snowing. Felt tired for weeks. Then had 2ndvax. Developed bruising. Dropped a trainer on her foot which caused large bruise out of all proportion. A large facial bruise appeared from nowhere. Can hardly walk now.

N’s Job means he’s out on the road all the time but everyone in the company offices has been pressured into having the vax. He’s dead against having vax but is worried that he may be “let go” by management if he doesn’t have it. One customer early 60’s who had had vax got pains her in foot. Turned out to be blood clot. Went to hospital. Nearly died and had her leg amputated above knee to save her life. Doctor admitted it was reaction to vax. Husband intends to sue vax company but is unaware the companies are immune from prosecution. Friend of N’s brother age 24 developed a massive lump on groin and another where the needle went in
Friend of N’s wife had vax and within 2 weeks developed rheumatoid arthritis. N’s mother in her early eighties is fine and has refused the jab and intends never to have it.

P. Ill in bed for two days after vax. Symptoms started the morning after vax. A friend who’d had the vax a week earlier had warned him he’d be ill for a couple of days and wouldn’t be able to go to work, so he knew what it was. Slept for much of the time and now ok.

E. NHS worker who had the jab in January against her better judgement because of pressure from staff. Immediately started sweating profusely, felt sick and had headache. Had to leave work and was then at home in bed for a few days. She was visibly shocked by her experience. Ok after that but says she’s afraid to have the second one and doesn’t want it. While I was talking to her some of her friends and neighbours were there and were obviously worried about having the vax after what happened to E. One of them said it’s all about control of us. Former neighbours and good bunch this lot. All in their late 20’s or early 30’s and bringing up kids.



Excellent vox-pop citizen journalism, R! Text-book example of how to do it. Please keep it up, publish as widely as possible, and encourage others to do likewise.

Yep - make that citizen researcher :slight_smile:

Good post, Rich. It’s always so much more interesting/informative to hear people’s real world experience, rather than the bullshit pumped out by the Presstitutes 24/7.

A quick anecdote from me: I’m still building that bloody swimming pool at the back of the house. Last week some friends paid us a visit. They’re a couple just into their old age. I haven’t seen them for a while. We chatted briefly about the ‘bloody swimming pool’, then got onto the covid stuff - in France it’s supposed to be ‘back to normal’ on 14th June (quand les poules auront des dents). I started giving my view of things. My friends said they were relieved to be able to talk with someone about it all.

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Great stuff, thanks @Rich. Varied cross section of people.

Gives the lie to that utter creep Tony Blair’s advice that a/ there is no legitimate grounds to decline the jab, b/ there should be some way of discriminating between vaxxxed and unvaxxxed, and c/ offering greater freedoms to the former, and d/ the way to achieve this is through covid passports.

He’s not exactly subtle is he. As the cop who caught him cottaging could testify.

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Most interesting Rich, thanks! This sort of answers the question, or observation on what is now happening, that once 60 or 70% of the population is vaccinated, the remainder need to be persuaded or forced into having it. It’s not “vaccine hesitancy”, as they are now long past being hesitant - except for the issue of freedoms, which is where the vaccine passport or Red Card comes in.
And here in OZ, which as you know is worse than anywhere else, there is hardly any resistance to vaccination and hardly any virus. Perhaps those things go together, as if you never see anything you can believe all sorts of stories about it. Not only this, former leader Malcolm Turnbull, now beloved of the Left and Greens for his CC mouthings and liberal values, said yesterday that there should be vaccine passports for travel WITHIN Australia - between states! And that it wouldn’t be mandatory as people had a right not to be vaccinated, but they would soon find it inconvenient not being able to eat out of go to the cinema, or perhaps the supermarket…

I wish I could be that one person in a million who manages to catch the disease from a returning traveller…to get out of this prison!

Thanks for writing up those experiences Rich. Makes it more real hearing what’s happening to people than just some statistics. Incredible, you would think they may hesitate to carry on vaccinating but no, they’re doubling down. Here’s that monster Blair speaking (thanks to Margo at TLN):

“Vaccination is your route to liberty”

Seconded. However, what really struck me was those who either knew or should have known what it was they were doing and did it anyway. Examples are:

I guess there’s just no helping some people.