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A brilliant reminder about the meaning of free speech

This is well worth reading and spreading imo.


Thanks CJ. I have far too many SubStack posts … um … stacked up, but will catch up with this one in due course. How did “free speech” become this right wing extremist thing…? I guess the very public flouncing, for years now, by Those That Take Offence, must have poisoned the well?

It is, C. Very good article. Has at least one blemish that I saw, though: one of the many links leads to an article that is still asserting the current-orthodoxy view that Polio is caused by a virus, and cured - driven to extinction, even - by vaccines, despite both these assertions now looking distinctly dodgy, and due for binning.

Hi @RhisiartGwilym , I got caught up with the main text and didn’t check the links - good spot.

The other point I should have mentioned is- this is purely US stuff we don’t have a written constitution and what meagre rights in the Human Rights act are being dumped daily.

Our right to speak and be heard free of government or corporate censorship is of course fundamental for all our freedoms.


This is not the usual Offg stuff we’ve suffered recently this material is crucial for all who care about personal freedom. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it once it comes to the top of the. er …stack.


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Had to bail out partway, I’m afraid. But nice to see ‘quacksalver’ in amongst all the many many words.