10 years for "recklessness" resulting in "disease" - is this the end of all protests against the Jab?

Hi folks, just noticed this :

from the HL comments opposing the amendment to add the word “disease” it is clear this is intended to prosecute any “unvaccinated” who protest government policies, on the basis that e.g. appearing in public without masks in protest groups would bound to result in covid for someone.
This is not the thin end of the wedge or the slippery slope - this is the actual cancellation of our human right to protest as an oppressed minority. Protest and you’ll get banged up for up to 10 years!

If enough people realised this it could be a “Poll Tax” moment, but who’s going to tell them?



Nothing new in the Lancet article referenced here, but seems apposite to this thread.

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It certainly could be stretched that way, yes @CJ1. I guess the chilling effect is the desired outcome. Would the theoretical risk of contaminating somebody via being unvaxxxed in public really be much (any?) higher than the theoretical risk of (etc) while only having been jabbed X times Y months ago?

The point really is to create “justifications” for people being arrestable, and then bailed to await trial on condition that they stay obediently at home. Which is the well-established M.O. documented by Joe Boyd, for example. Whether a case ever goes ahead, which risks the setting of unfortunate precedents by some lefty Judge, is almost besides the point.

But never mind eh: at least folks can argue their case online.


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Perhaps it needs some brave soul to test the matter in a court of law? (But knowing what has happened to Julian Assange and Craig Murray, to name but two, hardly gives me confidence in the likely outcome of such a trial. It would take a brave soul, indeed.)


Hi @Twirlip , I lose track now of the number of bills going through “Parliament” which seek to oppress us - Herr Schtarmer and his puppet ally Boris Pfeffel will have the Rule of Claw fixed to the chained up doors of Westminster in short order as far as I can see. The lower courts seem to be operating by jobsworths who find it inconvenient to challenge the source of their future personal elevation. The higher courts may also follow suit.

I suspect the new offence of nuisance by disease will not enable the rozzers to arrest the politicians and complicit media for their blanket of corruption rotting the life of the nation indiscriminately killing and maiming millions with their fear mongering and totalitarian Mengele experimentation. The offence will be restricted to protestors not to the creators of these diseases!


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To answer your initial question C: No, the true end of the protests is civil disorder, uprisings and the toppling of corrupt governments. Roll right on!

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