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"You will own nothing and be happy"

Or at least that’s what the said yesterday. It turns out that the “being happy” part is unnecessary after all.

So I guess we’ll just own nothing and lump it.


I read this shortly after reading a long article about the homogenisation of the Stanford university campus. The latter is very clearly the result of the ideas outlined in this wretched WEF text. Here’s a link:

This was a new word to me, outlined in the WEF article: “eudaemonic” - sounds rather like the Do What Thou Wilt motto of Official Bad Person Aleister Crowley. But sanitised, of course.

I came to the conclusion long ago that the notion of “the pursuit of happiness” is double-edged. The pursuit, but never getting there, has become the samsaric treadmill. Owning nothing and being happy is IMHO a noble and maybe even a holy ideal for monastics. For the rest of us “householders” not so much.