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Turdeau revokes emergency act. Is this a spoof?

Hear hear: if it takes two years, or to be blunt even just two weeks, to get a discretionary decision reversed then politicians will keep on doing this. Canadian and otherwise. The whole ‘emergency powers’ schtick ought to be madly obvious by now but nope: he who defines the emergency gets to do whatever he wants. Getting it overturned later on is only a disincentive if that is then used by opposition to push back. But of course there is no opposition anywhere anymore, the Yanks have regime changed them all.

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An Australian court has held the employer partly liable who forced a worker to get the covid vaccine, who later got pericarditis.

Story broke by TCW.

Oddly the govt tried to exonerate the employer as there was a govt Public Health Order but the court wasn’t having it. Said the employer had a duty of care.

However the vaccine injury was clear-cut. Other might struggle to get cases going, though there are class actions developing.