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New Order - Temptation

I thought I’d chuck this one in here, a) because it’s a very good track (musically) that survives the test of time, and b) the girl in the video looks like an old girlfriend of mine (am I starting to sound like Tony Opomac?)

Amid all the transgender lunacy, where have all the interesting women gone…?

As usual this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. On an artistic level the music and video is quite outstanding…

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I’m lucky enough to have been tangled-up with three incredible women in my life.

I’m also incredibly lucky not to have married any of them.

Love - or lurv- is a concept that we all have our different takes on,

I dunno what I’m trying to say here…

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Love the song and always have. Had never seen the video before though, rather Godardesque. It looked as though the record she stole was Temptation itself. Very nice to see the dedication at the end (for Michael Powell).

They were/are such a marvellous band, though riven by internal disputes. Something definitely went missing after Peter Hook left. But they still came up with one last (?) fantastic album Music Complete.

Here’s a pic of my battered nicotine-stained/water-damaged cover of the FACTUS8 EP version. The painting is by Martha Ladly who was the partner of Martin Rushent at the time (producer of quite a few of JD/NO albums and of this EP). She was previously one of the two Marthas in the band Martha and the Muffins, one of the most underrated groups ever, IMHO. She left them just before they released This Is The Ice Age (completely sublime album) and later on joined The Associates. Now she’s a Professor back in Canada.

Small world.


KarenEliot, the song is brilliant enough, yet there is also a huge amount going on in the video.

I don’t know what drugs these people were on, but please give me some.

The girl in the video is very similar to a girlfriend of mine, but of course not the same person.

The unfortunate female got a lot of poetry written for her by me, much of which was ripped off by New Order.

And I’ve never met anyone quite like you before

Where do you think that came from?

No probs with New Order. Temptation is right up there as one of the best ever tracks,

I can still listen to it almost nonstop, sad bastard that I am,

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I won’t start a separate thread for the death of Jeff Beck. Here’s Nadia, which in many ways is similar to Temptation

Wow, the amount of musical talent that came out of a little place like the UK still leaves me breathless.

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KarenEliot, can you point me to some Martha and The Muffins tracks. You always have a very good taste in music.

With regard to the Temptation video, it’s filmed in 1980s Paris (14th arrondissementt, I believe). The girl in the video looks French, but she’s actually Swedish (at the time she was the lead singer of a rock/pop band that was quite big in Sweden), the guy who (quite brilliantly) directed the video is an American, and of course the band who made the track came from Manchester, in the north of England.

Don’t you just love how international this all is.

All now gone, because those nice people in the Government have got to save us from the twerrorists, and they’ve got to save us from the Omicron variant, and they’ve got to save us from climate change. Are you as bored with all this shite as me?

But getting back to the Temptation video, if anyone’s interested I’d be delighted to give some pointers.

I will just mention the latter part of the video, when we have a Wizard Of Oz moment and things turn into colour. From this point it might just appear as a girl dancing in front of a mirror.

Nope. Look at the mirror closely.

Kind of you to say so @RobG

My favourite M&tM song is Swimming, the first track on the album This Is The Ice Age. They used to alternate between male vocalist and female quite a lot, in this case the singer is Mark Gane (husband of Martha Johnson). His brother Tim was the drummer (not the same Tim Gane as the mighty Stereolab).

In fact, they had a third vocalist too, Martha Ladly, as mentioned earlier in the thread. She is backing vocals and plays synth on this song which was their one hit in the UK and the one most people will recognise.

Echo Beach

Women Around The World At Work

There didn’t seem to be all that much on YT but these are all quite listenable if not especially great to look at.

KarenEliot, I really appreciated the music tracks. One of the amazing things I find about it is that these were just young kids, who didn’t have zillions of dollars of record company money behind them at the time. Most of them were on the Dole, yet still pursued the creative stuff.

In that vein, I seem to be on a trilogy here. First Temptation by New Order, then Beck’s rendition of Nadia, and then what is arguably one of the most brilliant songs ever released in English language pop.

All three tracks have one thing in common: lost love.

Gawd, weren’t we lucky to have grown-up with all this…

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I could also add that ‘the dole’ was often looked at as an Arts Council grant back in the 1970s and 1980s - for readers outside the UK, ‘the dole’ was unemployment benefit/welfare.

The dole (which was comparatively a pittance at the time), combined with low housing rent, contributed to some of the most brilliant music to ever come out of the UK.


As a younger poster, I am aware of New Order. Specifically, Blue Monday. It was massive out in the fields, in the warehouses and in the (right) clubs.

It cheers me immensely to see today’s youth putting their collective middle finger up and partying with lots of drugs (say perhaps to drugs).

I could post any number of tracks, but I think this is best. We hear this so much, it’s become almost part of us. It’s in everything. I still listen to the music it created during the 90s today.

Three speeds, three styles, unlimited potential. I give you the amen break…

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Been there, did that. Some of the muso biographies capture this very well, a good example is Art, Sex, Music by Cosey Fanni Tutti. She and many associates survived on a pittance (and in her case ‘artistic photography’ helped to supplement the income) and used just about all the resources they had to create art of one kind or another.

The band she formed, Throbbing Gristle, is one of the most influential UK groups of the last fifty years. New Order would be in that category too.

I’m only a few chapters in but Malcolm McLaren seems to have covered the same ground, his biography is really quite brilliant based on the first 70 pages or so.

One of our social circle rose above the others, by similar route: Louise Downey. She became a Page Three Girl (topless model in tabloid newspaper), danced with the Beastie Boys, appeared in various short films and her real moment of fame was to star in the film Visions Of Ecstasy which was banned for many years. It can now be found on the usual streaming service(s). In this case a WiCIApedia link is accurate.

Visions of Ecstasy

As far as I know, she is in America now, we lost touch a long time ago. Very pleasant but neurotic girl, easily manipulated though she claimed everything she did was fully consensual.

Of course, the kids from more comfortable backgrounds found it a great deal easier to make it via Bank Of Daddy and/or into conventional educational settings, universities, etc, and thus had some of their rough edges rubbed off. Art Schools were a thing the UK did really really well and should be revived.

Wind forward to the present day, and nepotism is the default setting, which is a great shame. Maybe a little less true of America where working-class kids have to really struggle (or sell drugs, etc) to gatecrash the elite party. Or submit to programming by music industry fiends as per Gerard’s thread Alanis Morissette Claims Music Industry Is Run by Elite Pedophiles: ‘They’re ALL Child Rapists’

The default push-back on such statements is to label them Politics Of Envy, of course.

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So now I know, thanks for sharing that @LocalYokel - it is indeed an omnipresent sample! I liked ‘say perhaps to drugs’ too, seems sensible advice on the whole.

LocalYokel, you’re making me feel old - although I suppose at the age of 58 I am a bit of a dinosaur - who will still come and bite you, even though I don’t have many teeth left.

New Order were very good, yet their predecessor, Joy Division, were orders of magnitude above. I won’t embed another video. I’ll just say, if interested, look up Atrocity Exhibition. It’s only 3 or 4 minutes long, yet God there’s so much involved with this track; not least because not long after Ian Curtis hanged himself.

Have we got any pics of KarenEliot, back in the day, wearing punk garb?

I’d be too embarrassed to post my own.

Of course most of them came from ‘good’ backgrounds, you can include the Beatles, Stones through to Pink Floyd, et al.

What was glorious about the punk era was that people bubbled to the surface who came from nowhere.


‘Throbbing Gristle’! Always thought that was a title of genius! :slight_smile:

Rhis, to this day Clare Torry is still totally blase about her singing in The Great Gig in the Sky.

Maybe throbbing gristle covers it - although I don’t know how anyone can deny the brilliance of this track.

I loved this track…thought; “alright then I’ll buy some “on trend” music”! Was very pleased when I got this home.

Have we got any pics of KarenEliot, back in the day, wearing punk garb?

I have always appreciated music for the sound rather than the look so I don’t believe any exist. Wearing black everything, yes. I’m sitting up in bed reading this in my telnyashka but a photo would frighten the horses :rofl:

Wonderful album, but the only Pink Floyd I personally own is a compilation called Relics, all from the Syd Barrett days. Seemingly the cover art is seen in a whole new context these days. The cartoon below exploits the same trope, as I gather you’re supposed to call it nowadays.

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