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Invitation to a little bet

How many days after the US prez-selection circus will it be before the beeb stops shoving the word ‘unsubstantiated’ down our throats, when their stenos (pretend to) report on Trump’s assertion that the fraudulence of this particular selection was sky-high?

Place your bets, please!

The beebstenos were still pushing ‘unsubstantiated’ this morning; in the face of the blizzard of emerging evidence, whistle-blowing testimonies of swindling from poll officials, and proliferating legal actions. How much effing ‘substance’ do the beeb’s grovelling power-stenos need before they concede that 2+2 isn’t 5?

It still seems to me that this argy-bargy isn’t over yet. Scumbag Trump isn’t going to concede to scumbag Biden, and go quietly. And team Trump have over a month to complete their wrecking work. Who knows which way it will go? As an earlier crafty politician once said: “A week is a long time in politics!”

One thing’s clear, though: there is indeed so much evidence of blatant electoral fraud, unprecedentedly blatant, in fact, and virtually all by the Biden puppeteers, that US citizens would be prize boobies not to pause before accepting either result, whilst they hear all the evidence. What’s left of the tattered integrity of their republic depends on it.

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Once again, I agree with almost everything Rhis. Except in your quote above, this is not unprecedented. The “hanging chads” was just one example of this. However, tampering with the voting machines and “purging” of the voter rolls goes back to at least 2000 with the fraudulent election of G W Bush.

Greg Palast has been tracking the purging of voter rolls for over six months and has done a 14 minute video of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz1NevyRsnI&feature=youtu.be

So the Republicans purge the voter rolls and the dems hack the voting machines (and probably vice versa) but not unprecedented. Just a typical demonstration of US “democracy”. And in my humble opinion, its been blatant for any of those sheep not yet in the goat pen :wink:

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Sorry, I was just running with my sense lately that the gics and their operatives have become oddly reckless this past year or so, and are not bothering much with any of the smokescreens of rectitude behind which they usually operate. I confess I haven’t studied US electoral nitty gritty in any detail. Of course it’s been corrupt since way back; who knows where to put the starting point? But it seemed to me that it had become more desperate and blatant this time round. I remember the Dubbya scam in Florida, which was very obvious too, but I don’t recall it being this in-yer-face, couldn’t-care-less obvious.