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Board pros and cons

Hi all

This is a message pinned to the top of the board to record people’s comments about the look and feel of this type of board vs a more simple boardhost format.

This place is still experimental, and we will keep the format for a week or two, giving time for people to try out the format, make some posts and responses, and generally get the feel of the place.

After that we can decide where we go from here.

Please feel free to post comments/thoughts/suggestions into this thread.


So it has come to my attention that requiring people to log in with email/password might make some people uncomfortable about joining.

I’m not 100% sure what a good alternative is as I do want folk to register to use the board.

I’ll explore some other options to see if there are ways that people can sign up without having to give their email address.

Take some time to get used to it…I like the boardhost form but maybe it’s too familiar…

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Nice to see you here G.

You’ve probably seen it, but there’s a tips and tricks post that might help you get acclimatised

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